At Rooted Solutions, we wholeheartedly believe in the immense and far-reaching impact a successful business can have for its owners, its employees, and ultimately its customers.

We offer growth-minded businesses the guidance, insight, and support they need to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. Working closely with businesses and business leaders across the world, we help companies take full advantage of their strengths and resources while capitalizing on low-friction opportunities that will ensure long-term and sustainable success.

Zak Kozuchowski Rooted SolutionsRooted Solutions was founded by Zak Kozuchowski, a media professional who earned international recognition for the growth he achieved while Editor-in-Chief of GolfWRX.com.

Throughout his media career, Kozuchowski was given insider access to several of the world’s most beloved sports, apparel, and technology brands. He took advantage of this rare opportunity to look under the hood of dozens of successful businesses, coming to the realization that — at their roots — innovative and profitable companies tend to be more similar than they are different regardless of their size or industry.

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