At Rooted Solutions, we wholeheartedly believe in the immense and far-reaching impact a successful business can have for its owners, its employees, and ultimately its customers.

We offer growth-minded businesses the guidance, insight, and support they need to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. Working closely with businesses and business leaders across the world, we help companies take full advantage of their strengths and resources while capitalizing on low-friction opportunities that will ensure long-term and sustainable success.

Zak Kozuchowski

Founder, Head of Vision + Growth

Zak Kozuchowski is the founder of Rooted Solutions, a marketing and consulting agency he launched in his hometown in Metro Detroit. He’s a golf industry specialist who earned international recognition for the growth he achieved as Editor-and-Chief of GolfWRX.com, the world’s largest online golf community.

As the Head of Vision + Growth for Rooted Solutions, Zak works one-on-one with business leaders to help them better understand their marketing efforts and improve their results.

Throughout his career, he has worked with golf brands big and small to help them accelerate results. He maintains strong relationships across the golf industry, particularly in golf equipment.

Zak’s in-depth understanding of the golf industry is fueled by his experience competing at an elite level. He earned college scholarships for both baseball and golf, ultimately focusing on golf as a member of the University of Richmond NCAA Division I golf team.

His intimate relationship with the game provides him with clear insights into the best levers brands can pull to capture the imagination of golf enthusiasts.

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Kane Cochran

Partner, Head of Digital + Design

For nearly 20 years, Kane Cochran has been launching innovative digital products and solutions that leverage the latest emerging technology platforms. He’s an accomplished creative director, digital technologist, and public speaker who is adept at utilizing digital platforms to extend brand awareness online and create meaningful connections between online consumers and companies.

Kane started his career in the gaming industry, where he designed custom e-commerce solutions before the likes of Shopify and WooCommerce. From there, he’s conceptualized and developed everything from personalized content platforms and augmented reality campaigns, to mobile applications for the airline industry and overseeing email marketing strategies for an organization that sends more 300 million emails per month.

A creative director as well as a technologist, Kane recognized years ago the power of 3D to tell stories, and started building Rooted Solutions’ digital studio capabilities to the point where 3D has become a component of almost every client strategy.

An avid golfer, Kane also designed and developed a GPS-based app for the driving range, which has been downloaded and used in more than 125 countries.

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